Quick Method to Make Monthly Revenue from Your Client's Webflow Sites

Quick Method to Make Monthly Revenue from Your Client's Webflow Sites

Automatic passive income is a great way to build your Webflow site development business. When you're trading time for money, you're at a disadvantage. There's only so much time in the day. Selling automated or mostly-automated services can help you get around this problem and make it so you're no longer capped at the total income you can make in a month. This article will explore ways of generating passive income with Webflow, so you can keep making money even when you're not actively developing any websites for your clients.

Support Subscriptions

Many clients have no interest in managing their website. Support that clients need could be anything from regularly creating landing pages, to A/B testing new features, or even just fixing small bugs and quirks. Mostly it's just about peace of mind. Clients are always happy to tell you what their ongoing problems are, so just ask!

Hosting Subscriptions

You can offer hosting for monthly revenue. However this can be tricky due to how Webflow sites work.

Since Webflow offers their own hosting, anything you do will basically be competing with them. If you export out of Webflow and into another host, you don't get all the benefits of having your live site connected to a visual editor. Every time you make a change, the site must be exported out of Webflow and onto the host. That's a tall order to ask non-technical clients to do.

CryoLayer: The Easy Path for Monthly Webflow Revenue

This is the problem we created CryoLayer to solve. CryoLayer hosts websites at a more affordable cost than Webflow and increases SEO, performance, and many other things. It also gives agencies and Webflow site owners access to more search indexing, sitemap, and redirect controls. Basically, everything that's missing from Webflow is included. As a bonus, we often get perfect Google Lighthouse scores with our sites deployed with CryoLayer.

CryoLayer's perfect Google Lighthouse scores

This makes it so agencies that use Webflow can offer their clients a premium hosting service and make passive monthly revenue for just hosting their client's sites with CryoLayer. CryoLayer even has affordable plans for unlimited Webflow websites to make sure you're making the most you possibly can for all of your hosted sites.

How to Charge Monthly

Now, how can you actually charge our clients automatically every month?

Stripe is a great cheap option if you want to avoid fees and don't need a dashboard on your site. You can send invoices directly to clients via email, and clients can manage their billing through Stripe's customer portal.

If you want a dashboard to embed on your site for clients to self-manage there, I'd recommend Outseta. They have great pricing and no-code implementation options if you just want something that's easy to implement on your site. They also have other features that could support your business like a chat widget and email marketing tools.

Webflow + CryoLayer = Automatic Monthly Revenue

Try optimizing your client's sites with CryoLayer for easy passive income!