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☂️ Kennedy Rose

☂️ Kennedy Rose


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👋, I'm Kennedy! I work at Smarter Labs in Indiana, mostly doing AI engineering. We are currently building AI applications for web developers, website owners, and marketing teams.

I use this site as a learn in public exercise. Not everything you'll find in here will be useful for you, and nothing should be considered professional advice tailored to you and your personal situation. It's just writings about what has and has not worked for me.

Career Highlights

  • I worked as a web developer, then the lead web developer of Escalade Sports from 2012-2019. During my time there I had the opportunity to lead a team of 7 developers. Together we helped the aqcuisition and integration process of multiple e-commerce companies, and saved the company almost $5k a month by transitioning their monolithic architecture to a serverless one.
  • I released two games under the developer name Smarter Games. One of them did pretty well on Steam.
  • I have worked on over 80 open source projects.
  • In 2015, I won some awards for a dedicated music streaming app/browser called "AUDL" that aggregated content from multiple streaming locations. At that time it had the largest library of music of any music streaming app. Music streaming apps are difficult to monetize, and similar apps underwent rights management legal challenges, so I discontinued it.
  • In the past I have been a live and studio blues guitarist, bluegrass banjo player, and solo classical guitarist. I have released 2 albums.