Kennedy Rose
☂️ Kennedy Rose

☂️ Kennedy Rose



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👋, I'm Kennedy! I build SaaS products at Smarter Labs and Parabolic Software.

I use this site as a learn in public exercise. Not everything you'll find in here will be useful for you, and nothing should be considered professional advice tailored to you and your personal situation. I just writings about what has and has not worked for me.

Stuff I Have Built

  • CryoLayer: An optimized Webflow hosting service
  • DesignSync.js: Use your Webflow pages in Next.js
  • Snap: A subscription-based website design/development/hosting service
  • Nimble SaaS: A newsletter for SaaS entrepreneurs
  • No-Code Movers: A live list of over 90,000 Webflow sites for lead generation